The Bossmen - Lanny Roenicke - Bass Player, Vocals, and Trumpet

Lanny Roenicke - Thanks to You

The Ashlee Company photo

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Gone are the sounds from a bass guitar many fans will always remember as one of a kind, played to perfection by a shy, sandy-haired young man named Lanny Roenicke. Lanny is a Saginaw native who taught himself to play seven instruments. He, also, wrote the music and sang vocals with the well-known band "The Bossmen."

The mid-sixties were growth years for the group in which they played all around the State of Michigan. They made a tour of the East Coast and cut records for national distribution. Lanny wrote the song "Thanks to you" which is played on the website.

Today, if you're fortunate, you may find "The Bossmen" in the used record stores. They still start the body swaying, the arms pumping, and the feet tapping up and down.

Thanks for the happy memories, Lanny. We wish you all the Best!